Spork | Spoon and Fork Plastic Utensil

Spork – Spoon and Fork Hybrid Plastic Utensil

25 pieces per pack x 100 packs per box

2500 pieces per box

Color White

Made from Food Grade Plastic Polyproylene Material

Can be used for dessert, fruit salad, rice meals and ulam


Spork – Spoon and Fork Hybrid

Spork is a combination of spoon and fork plastic utensil. This disposable cutlery is perfect for online food companies and food take out businesses.  Our Spork is made from food grade polypropelene materials which makes it safe for everyone!


  • One pack contains 25 pieces of Spork
  • One box contains 100 packs or 2,500 pieces
  • Functions both as a spoon and a fork utensil
  • Color is White
  • High quality and durable utensils


  • Lower Costs – no need to buy separate spoon and fork items
  • Peace of Mind – utensils are safe since plastic materials are food grade
  • Ease of Use – light, versatile and practical

This take out supply item is usually combined with our Faspack Food Containers and Dabba Cups and Trays.

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